Experts in solving the world’s most complex information security problems


Securion is an expert information security consultancy creating innovative solutions to the most demanding security challenges facing companies today.

Our company was formed following a merger between two veteran security engineering and architecture consultancies, with a strong belief that security should be an integral part of any business.

With decades of experience designing, implementing and supporting some of the largest and most critical security infrastructures in the world, you can be sure our consultants have walked in your shoes and experienced the challenges that you face. This enables us to offer your organization the expertise, resources and knowledge of a full-service information security consultancy.

Let us be your long-term partner in protecting your business


When it comes to cyberattacks on an enterprise, it’s not if, it’s when. There will always be new threats and trying to fend them off can be overwhelming and a drain on your resources.

That’s where Securion can help.

Our world-class team of security consultants will work with your staff to understand your company’s unique challenges and make sure you’re always one step ahead of any threat. Once we’ve assessed the threats and risks you face, we’ll design and implement a dynamic security solution that leverages your existing investment in security products.

We’re not a reseller that makes a profit by selling new products from our partners. We are exclusively information security consultants and are vendor neutral. That means we will find the best solution for your company, without recommending unnecessary new security products that you have to purchase.

At Securion, we believe that your security partner’s interests should be aligned with your own